It means “The facility of making happy discoveries by accident.” Yesterday, it happened twice.
Firstly, I was cleaning house when I saw some cobwebs. They were too high for my vacuum cleaner to reach, so I fetched my feather duster. Feather duster was falling to pieces, and shed bits of feather all over my flat.
I first tried to sweep up the bits, only to discover that that was next to impossible. So I decided to vacuum the bits up. This worked. Then I noticed something.
My vacuum cleaner has a two-prong plug with a collar. All the two-prong adaptors in my lounge have sleeves so I can’t plug my vacuum cleaner in. But my bedroom has adaptors without the sleeves, and if I extend the cord to its full length, I can actually reach most of my lounge with my vacuum. This is very useful because its been rainy recently, and I don’t mop my floors if its rainy as they don’t dry. I can vacuum my lounge, and I only found it out because I had to vacuum up bits of feather.
The second bit of serendipity had to do with the Easter Vigil Mass. My parents and I are the usual readers for the Easter Vigil as we are known to read it in an interesting way and not a boring monotone. My mother had written up the readings and put them into plastic covers; one for reader 1 and one for reader 2. Due to a mix up, only one copy was taken down to church. There are several copies of the readings at church, so I picked one of them up. Then I saw that a change had been made.
In addition to the readings, the copies also list the hymns to sing between the readings. These are the same year on year. But not this year. This year the hymns had been changed. Had the copy of the reading not been left behind, I would never have seen that the hymns had changed, and things would have become confused.
Two events starting with a blunder, each resulting in a fortuitous discovery. Serendipity.


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