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Polio case confirmed in Papua New Guinea

Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT! 18 years after Papua New Guinea was certified polio free, a new case has been confirmed. The victim was a six-year-old boy who developed weakness in his lower limbs, later confirmed to be the … Continue reading

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Three stories: two negative, one positive

3 stories about vaccination caught my eye in the past weeks. Firstly, a notification that if you are going to the World Cup in Russia that is currently underway, you should get the MMR¬†as Measles outbreaks have recently occurred in … Continue reading

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Link Love – Autistic Burnout

Sometimes you see something that says what you want to say far better than you could articulate. This article about autistic burnout on the “Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism” website, for instance. Please read and grok.

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