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Vaccination News

Two big thing happened in vaccination last week. A vaccine against Ebola has been approved and a second one is being trialled. Secondly, Germany passed a law mandating measles vaccination for all children. From the first article: Parents who refuse … Continue reading

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A few words on bullying

I’m a subscriber to George Takei’s Facebook Page. Last week, there was a post about a woman who confronted her son’s bully. I commented in support of her, mentioning that I’d developed mild PTSD from being bullied. Most responses to … Continue reading

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Autistics Speaking Day – A proposed syllabus for autistics

Happy 10th Autistics’ Speaking Day from South Africa! I’ve been thinking about what a curriculum/syllabus focussed on autistic students would look like. So far, I have a vague outline. First Session of every day: Tai Chi or Martial Arts for … Continue reading

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