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Change of Plan

I have a problem. A while ago, I mentioned that my goal for 2012 was to learn Quick Test Professional and become competent in Test Automation. Well, I found out that’s no longer a good option. I began employment in … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday, Pertussis Awareness and some news

February 22nd was Pertussis Memorial Day. It was also Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. I haven’t completely decided what I’ll give up until 2 April. I have a few ideas though. From the Wall Street Journal comes this article. … Continue reading

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Another bit of quackery bites the dust (hopefully)

Hat tip to Sullivan over at Left Brain Right Brain for mentioning this study. The idea that autism could be caused by mercury poisoning is an offshoot of the “MMR causes Autism” lie propagated by Andrew Wakefield. Thimerosal, also called … Continue reading

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They published my letter!

On Friday the 3rd February, I saw an article in the Verve Section of The Star, Is the changing Role of Women behind the rise in Autism over the last 30 years? I was very disappointed with it. I was … Continue reading

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I got a Pertussis Booster!

The 5th of February should have been a day of great merriment in the McCaffery household. Dana McCaffery would have turned three. Her older siblings James and Aislinn would have made a huge fuss over their baby sister. There would … Continue reading

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