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It begins

The Lockdown is underway, South Africa has had its first coronavirus death, and things are feeling surreal. Today I drove to the shops to buy my weekly groceries. It was shortly before 9, yet very few cars were on the … Continue reading

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The myths of “Not Autistic Enough” and high vs. low functioning

One of the most enraging attitudes I have confronted is the belief that autistic self-advocates can’t really advocate, because they are too high functioning, or not autistic enough. I’ve had it directed at me personally, and more recently felt compelled … Continue reading

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Coronavirus, Shots Heard goes live, and an antivaxxer changed her mind

Several things. Coronavirus has come to South Africa with several confirmed cases. Last year, I mentioned the “Shots Heard” website. It’s now gone live and can be found here. Finally, some great news. Tattoo artist Kat von D originally decided … Continue reading

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On the culture of the ANC

This was intended as a letter to the Press. Due to problems on a website, I was unable to submit it. I submit it here for your consideration. I intended to respond to comments made by South African President Cyril … Continue reading

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