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Gordhan Charged. Abrahams a cat’s paw

Well it happened. I never thought it would. I never thought that Zuma would be so reckless, but I clearly underestimated him. Pravin Gordhan is to appear in court to face charges over his granting of early retirement and a … Continue reading

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Alternative therapies aren’t always harmless

Sometimes, people tolerate the use of alternative therapies by the parents of autistic children with the rhetorical question “what harm can it do?” As a story in The Guardian shows, the answer is “a lot”. From the opening paragraphs: Doctors … Continue reading

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Measles is no longer endemic to the Americas

Some good news in the fight against vaccine preventable diseases. The Americas (both North and South) have been declared free of measles. This is a huge step in permanently ending this disease. Measles appears to have evolved from Rinderpest (cattle … Continue reading

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