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Meningitis and the half-tiger vaccine

Meningitis is a very nasty disease. A teenager by the name of Nicole Wilson came down with meningitis while on vacation in Cyprus. Nicole was given a 10-20% chance of survival by the doctors, and this is in a part … Continue reading

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Life, audits, and reporting back

As I wrote in my previous posting, the Projects in Quality Center at my client site are going to be audited, and I was asked to check the Projects ahead of the audit to see if there were any obvious … Continue reading

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Greetings to one and all (repost)

This was originally posted on African Jungle on the 29th May 2010. Hello Everyone, and welcome to my blog. This is just to tell you a bit more about me and about the things on which I’m going to blog. … Continue reading

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Life, and a lot of things

A lot of things have happened in the past 10 days. Today I’m going to start with the newest things first. There is a project called The Gateway Project. If you are 18 years or older and have access to … Continue reading

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Vaccine Awareness Week: Smallpox and Edward Jenner

This week is Vaccination Awareness Week. This post will be about Smallpox. Looking down at my left shoulder, I can still see the faint scar from the Smallpox inoculation I received as a child. Smallpox was once a big killer … Continue reading

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Autistics Spoke, and you listened

Happy Autistics Speaking Day! There is a saying that if you’ve met one Autistic, you’ve met one Autistic. In the spirit of this saying, and of the Autistics Speaking Event, I have decided to describe a number of things about … Continue reading

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