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Rant Alert – The Government is running South Africa into the ground

I’m not a happy person. There is a malaise in governance in South Africa. Incompetence, laziness, corruption and even flat out malfeasance are rife and the people tasked to oversee matters and fix the situation are unable or unwilling to … Continue reading

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And pertussis kills another baby

I was going to blog about my experience renewing my car’s license disk today, and about the shocking incompetence of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, but now I’ll do that later. Or maybe I would have blogged about the South African … Continue reading

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An update on the Wakefield libel suit against Brian Deer

I blogged about Andrew Wakefield suing Brian Deer for libel in Texas, and Brian Deer filing an anti-SLAPP motion a few months ago. Since then, I’d heard nothing and was wondering if it would go ahead. I’ve now learnt that … Continue reading

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You used Wakefield’s study to prove the MMR causes Autism?!

A few weeks ago, a court in Italy ruled that vaccines cause autism and used Andrew Wakefield’s retracted and fraudulent study in its verdict. When I first heard about this story, I dismissed it as antivaccination propaganda or wishful thinking. … Continue reading

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