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On upgrading to Windows 10

So I got fed up with my laptop’s nagging, and upgraded to Windows 10. Here’s a brief tutorial on what to expect and do. Before updating Back up everything just in case it goes to hell. Mine didn’t, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Follow up

This will be a follow up to two of my earlier posts. The woman whose skeleton was found was named Iola Glenda Cynthia Ditcham. I’ve found out a few things about her. Enough to put together a rough timeline. In … Continue reading

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Vaccines and autism, a wedding, predictions and a group to be banned

Some news stories caught my eye. Firstly, yet another study came to the conclusion that vaccines, and in particular thimerosal, do not cause autism. It was the follow up to a study which saw macaques given various vaccine schedules to … Continue reading

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