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Was Alan Turing autistic?

Strange, isn’t it, how you’re reading something and a phrase catches your eye. The film The Imitation Game went on cinematic release in South Africa yesterday. It’s about Alan Turing’s life, his work at Bletchley Park as a cryptanalyst, his … Continue reading

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We’re winning the fight

A lot can change in five years. Five years ago to the day, Andrew Wakefield’s GMC hearing was still underway, Jenny McCarthy was supporting antivaccine lies, and people were seriously doubting the safety of the MMR vaccine. How things have … Continue reading

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Autism Rights in South Africa: an opportunity lost

This essay was written in 2013, but not accepted for publication. Autism Rights in South Africa: an opportunity lost South Africa is a nation with a Constitution hailed as one of the most progressive in the world. It states that … Continue reading

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Here’s to 2015

Well, happy 2015 everyone. From about August 2013 to 2014 I was financially in a hole, though not a big one. That’s now behind me and I’m feeling much more secure. At work, I left the client I’d worked for … Continue reading

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