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Profanity Alert: find a fire and die in it PETA

As the heading warns, there’s going to be swearing in this post. Some time ago, I posted about PETA lying about milk causing autism, and how they were slapped down several years ago by the autism community. PETA is now … Continue reading

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Some follow up, and a “study” leaves me fuming

Just a heads up, there’s going to be raging in this post. In my last post, I wrote about doctors who treated a woman with cancer by giving her a massive dose of measles vaccine. Well, Abbie has more details. … Continue reading

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A bunch of news stories on topics I blog about

In the past week, I’ve read a number of news stories relating to autistics, autism and vaccination. The first one was in The Star, in an article about psychopathy. Paraphrased: There are two types of empathy. Cognitive empathy is the … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on voting and SIDS

So I voted on May 7th in South Africa’s fifth democratic general election. The results have come back, and they weren’t entirely what I’d hoped for. I’ve been in a fight on the internet with an antivaccinationists who stated the … Continue reading

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