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The SIGiST, Security Testing and HBGary

I attended a meeting of the Gauteng Special Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGiST) at 105 West Street (Nedbank) yesterday. The SIGiST is a subgroup of the Computer Society of South Africa, which is the third oldest national computer society … Continue reading

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Wasps and gloomy weather

The wasps are gone. On Saturday, a gardener came in and pulled down the nest. I went into my garden to see the nest on the ground, ants swarming over it. The wasps got the message, and have gone somewhere … Continue reading

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The King’s Speech, housesitting, cats and wasps

I haven’t posted in a while, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I went to see “The King’s Speech“, the story of how Australian-born speech therapist Lionel Logue helped King George VI to find his voice. … Continue reading

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Gym and working out

One of the ways I like to unwind after a hard day is with a glass of wine. Another is by going to gym. I have a Discovery Vitality Medical Aid. One of the benefits of Vitality is that the … Continue reading

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Another Anti-vaccination flop, and an “In Memoriam”

I know, the fourth pro-vaxx post in a row. I’ll try to do something different for the post after this one. Firstly, Louise Kuo Habakus doesn’t know when she’s beaten. After organising that laughable picket of Microsoft a few weeks … Continue reading

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