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“Autism Speaks” does not speak for autistics

“Autism Speaks” is a US charity that purports to represent autistic people. In 2009, it produced a video titled “Autism every day”. “Autism every day” depicted autistics and their families as living a hellish life, thanks to the condition. There … Continue reading

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Well, I suppose it wasn’t surprising but it’s still very bad news. Polio has broken out in Syria. According to news reports, because of the war many Syrian children haven’t received the three doses of OPV necessary to gain full … Continue reading

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Autistics Speaking Day: The Dark Side of Autism

Happy Autistics Speaking Day! Three years ago, some well-meaning but misguided souls decided that it would be a good idea to have a communication shutdown in support of autistics. The autistic community responded by declaring November 1 (the date of … Continue reading

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