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A mixed week for me, a bad week for antivaxxers

Have you ever had a day when you sprayed your laundry with spot remover, loaded it into the Washing Machine, turned on the water and left it to run, only to realise, when the cycle was complete, that you’d forgotten … Continue reading

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HPV Vaccine even better than thought – Warning! NSFW

This post is NSFW. I mean it. If you are reading this at work, navigate away from this page. If you are under 13, call a parent before you read any further. There is a vaccine that protects against various … Continue reading

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Something new out of Africa

“There is always something new out of Africa” -Pliny the Elder, Historian In this case, a pneumococcal vaccine that protects against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of children each year.

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A controversial post, a controversial man and a controversial claim

This is going to be a controversial post, but it is about a controversial person. He is best known for a mutiny against his command. Mention his name, and most people will imagine a sadistic bully. I am talking, of … Continue reading

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Normal service is now restored

If you are a usual reader of this blog, you have noticed that I haven´t posted in a while. The reason for that is a bunch of stuff happened at once that all needed sorting out. It was hectic, but … Continue reading

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