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In a bad place

I’m in a bad place at the moment. Some of the reasons why are minor and will shortly pass, others are not so minor. Firstly, the minor reasons. For one, I’m sick. I’m running a fever and at times my … Continue reading

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Black Tuesday and the Secrecy Bill

I realise this is not something I generally blog about, but this is my blog and I’ll post what I like on it. Yesterday the 22 November 2011, which has been nicknamed “Black Tuesday”, the South African Parliament voted to … Continue reading

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Night of Hunters at the Theatre of Marcellus

So like I said, a week ago I went to see Tori Amos at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperor’s Palace. I wish I could show you some pictures, but cameras are banned for security reasons. Before the show, there was … Continue reading

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Autism Advocacy is not a zero-sum game

One of the banes of blogging is planning to post on some thing and then having something else come up. I was going to write about the Tori Amos concert on Sunday (short version: Tori and support act Yoav rocked … Continue reading

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Chicken Pox lollipops, and Wakefield gets sunk even deeper

If you were on the iol website this past week, you probably saw this story about how some people were soliciting lollipops and other material infected with chicken pox to infect their children in a modern version of a “pox … Continue reading

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Karen McCarron denied retrial for murdering autistic daughter

Karen McCarron’s attempt to get a retrial for murdering her autistic daughter Katie has failed. Reporter Michael Smothers has the details. In May 2006, Karen McCarron put a plastic bag over the head of Katie McCarron and kept it there … Continue reading

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No, I will NEVER shut up!

This post was written when I was in a bit of a rage, and contains swearing. Apologies in advance for that, but not for anything else in this post. For the past year and a half, I have blogged under … Continue reading

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Autistics’ Speaking Day: Attendees’ List

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism has a full list of Autistics’ Speaking Day Attendees.

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Autistics’ Speaking Day: My Sense of Humour

It’s shortly after Midnight on November 1st in South Africa (timezone GMT + 2), which means it’s All Souls’ Day and, more to the point, Autistics’ Speaking Day 2011. This is my Autistics’ Speaking Day post. First, some background. Last … Continue reading

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