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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog

More antivaxxers getting slapped down Advertisements

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Another load of antivaxx bollocks

Apparently, last week was “Vaccine Injury Awareness Week”. I must confess, I didn’t notice until Orac pointed it out. Had he not mentioned it, I would never have known about it. “Vaccine Injury Awareness” Week started a few years ago. … Continue reading

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Cannabis legalised in South Africa

Earlier this week, South Africa’s Constitutional Court upheld a ruling from the Western Cape High Court that people were allowed to smoke dagga aka cannabis aka marijuana in private. The Court rejected now discredited arguments by those opposed to legalisation. … Continue reading

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The Big Lie about Bullying

You’ve probably come across the belief that bullying builds character. I have, and having been severely bullied in school, not just by my classmates but also by some teachers, I can confirm it is a lie. Bullying did not build … Continue reading

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Gardasil used to treat skin cancer

So this was on Health24 last week. HPV shot eliminates advanced skin cancer in 97-year-old A doctor treated a woman with advanced squamous cell carcinoma by injecting each tumour with Gardasil, the HPV Vaccine. The unconventional method was a huge … Continue reading

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Mockery of antivaxxers on Bored Panda

I regularly see posts from the site Bored Panda on my Facebook. As with Cheezburger, it’s now also started to slam antivaxxers. I saw one such post today. The Internet Is Shutting Down Anti-Vaxxers One By One And It’s Too … Continue reading

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Harmful childhood diseases

The inevitable has happened. In California, an infant has died of pertussis, the first such death since 2016. In France, the third measles death of 2018 has occurred. From the above report: As of July 08, 2018, 2646 cases reported … Continue reading

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