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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog

The Press is most unhappy with the ANC

Three articles fiercely critical of the ANC and pointing out its failures and problems appeared on the news today. One in the Daily Maverick, two on News24. Go and read them. In the Daily Maverick, Ismail Lagardien’s article The ANC … Continue reading

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Happy Autistic Pride Day!

Actually, no. It’s not. It’s really, really not. Expecially not for me this year. I’ve been going through some things, lately. Hopefully, what I’m fearing won’t happen, but you never know. If you’ve been following the news, you probably know … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Blogoversary to me!

In late January 2010, I was googling news about autism when I came across a story from the U.K. A gastroenterologist named Andrew Wakefield had been found guilty of misconduct relating to a study he’d performed on 12 autistic children. … Continue reading

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Significant Anniversaries

Three significant anniversaries occurred in the first full week of May. A fourth occurred on the 21st – the fortieth anniversary of the theatrical release of “The Empire Strikes Back”, widely regarded as the best of the Star Wars film. … Continue reading

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The longer you refuse to face a painful truth…

It is disturbing just how willing people are to deny a painful reality. Especially politicians. Pravin Gordhan, South African Minister of Public Enterprises is trying to stop SAA’s Business Rescue Practitioners Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana from proceeding with its … Continue reading

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Lockdown – Bad News from South Africa

The hard lockdown will be ending in the next few days. Since it started, several things have happened. First, and on a sad note, Gambit the dolphin passed away at uShaka Marine World. He was 48, and widely believed to … Continue reading

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Qui custodiet ipsos custodites, power, and corruption

Yesterday, I saw the news that Australian Catholic Cardinal George Pell’s conviction for sexually assaulting a minor has been voided. The Catholic Church has been embroiled in scandal for a very long time. Years ago it was revealed that priests … Continue reading

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It begins

The Lockdown is underway, South Africa has had its first coronavirus death, and things are feeling surreal. Today I drove to the shops to buy my weekly groceries. It was shortly before 9, yet very few cars were on the … Continue reading

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The myths of “Not Autistic Enough” and high vs. low functioning

One of the most enraging attitudes I have confronted is the belief that autistic self-advocates can’t really advocate, because they are too high functioning, or not autistic enough. I’ve had it directed at me personally, and more recently felt compelled … Continue reading

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Coronavirus, Shots Heard goes live, and an antivaxxer changed her mind

Several things. Coronavirus has come to South Africa with several confirmed cases. Last year, I mentioned the “Shots Heard” website. It’s now gone live and can be found here. Finally, some great news. Tattoo artist Kat von D originally decided … Continue reading

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