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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog

HIV Vaccine trial cancelled

Some rather disappointing vaccine news. The trial of a vaccine for HIV was terminated early as results showed no difference in infection rates between the vaccinated group and the control group. We always knew that making a vaccine against an … Continue reading

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Breaking Star Wars Part 4 – From the Force to the Farce

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Last week, I finally saw The Rise of Skywalker. It was what the Disney Trilogy should have been from the beginning – a rollicking, entertaining romp. It also … Continue reading

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ABA confirmed ineffective? Gee, what a surprise

In one of the most “water is wet” news items I’ve ever read, it turns out that Applied Behavioural Analysis is not only useless for training autistics, it is harmful. Article here. [A]fter 1 year of ABA treatment 76% of … Continue reading

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Returning to an unwanted past – edited

There have been several Measles outbreaks this year. One, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has already claimed 5,000 lives. The outbreak in Europe continues with no end in sight. And in Samoa, over 60 people, most of them … Continue reading

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Vaccination News

Two big thing happened in vaccination last week. A vaccine against Ebola has been approved and a second one is being trialled. Secondly, Germany passed a law mandating measles vaccination for all children. From the first article: Parents who refuse … Continue reading

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A few words on bullying

I’m a subscriber to George Takei’s Facebook Page. Last week, there was a post about a woman who confronted her son’s bully. I commented in support of her, mentioning that I’d developed mild PTSD from being bullied. Most responses to … Continue reading

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Autistics Speaking Day – A proposed syllabus for autistics

Happy 10th Autistics’ Speaking Day from South Africa! I’ve been thinking about what a curriculum/syllabus focussed on autistic students would look like. So far, I have a vague outline. First Session of every day: Tai Chi or Martial Arts for … Continue reading

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