Comments Policy

I have reopened my blog. Here are the rules if you want your comment to be posted.

  • Do not solicit personal information from me. I will not give out my details.
  • Libellous comments will not be posted.
  • Criticism and disagreement are fine.
  • Threats (to me or to other commenters) will be deleted.
  • Personal attacks will be obliterated.
  • Hate speech of any form will never see the light of day.
  • I will not display any links to your quack treatments for autism. This includes MMS especially.

I don’t go on my blog every day. It may take some time for your comment to appear, but if you have followed the rules, it will.

4 Responses to Comments Policy

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Julian

    I am currently redeveloping the Association for Autism’s website. We would like to put a link to your blog – let me know if this is in order. (See current site at address below)


  2. Him henson says:

    Why are people scared to at least acknowledge in some examples the mothers of autistic children are like refrigerators- I had the misfortune of getting to know one very well. She didn’t care about anybody and would slander and gossip and deride anyone. For years I gave her the benefit of the doubt but the fact is her son was autistic because she really had a cold uncaring heart!

    • autismjungle says:

      You should post this on my post about refrigerator mothers.
      My answer to your rhetorical question is that it’s sexist and, with what we now know, a distortion.

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