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Self evident

Autism awareness should be by autistics for autistics

April is Autism Awareness Month, World Autism Awareness Week takes place from March 26th to April 2nd, and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day. I learnt of three relevant new Twitter hashtags. #SaidNoAutistic #SaidNoFather #SaidNoMother “Said no Autistic” attacks the … Continue reading

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On Presuming Competence

There is a phrase I recently learnt of for people who interact with the disabled and the non-neurotypical. Presume Competence Presuming competence means “believing that a child, regardless of disability, is intellectually capable and has the skills and motivation to … Continue reading

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Why do we still need to say this?

This will be my last post for 2017. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, my readers. Have you ever read through an article or book thinking “Great! Excellent! Spot On!” and then got to a passage and … Continue reading

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Links, including for three Sciencebloggers’ new homes

November 1st was the eighth annual Autistics Speaking Day. For the first time since it started, I didn’t post. If you want to see what other autistic bloggers wrote for it, the Autistics Speaking Day blog is here. Scienceblogs has … Continue reading

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Don’t call self-diagnosed autistics liars

Electronic music pioneer Gary Numan (real name Gary Anthony James Webb) has a new album out. During the course of promoting it, he’s been talking about having Asperger’s syndrome, diagnosed in the UK as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). But Camilla … Continue reading

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Autistics testing software

It appears that autistics are disproportionately good at software testing. The Israeli military uses autistics as intelligence analysts and software testers. Ultra Testing, a software testing firm based in New York, is actively hiring autistics as testers. SAP has a … Continue reading

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No, autism and psychopathy are NOT the same!

So I’ve been reading Adam West’s serialised deconstruction of “Atlas Shrugged” on his Daylight Atheism blog. One thing about Rand’s protagonists is abundantly clear – they are all psychopaths. In the comments section, one misguided soul asked if Rand was … Continue reading

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