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ABA confirmed ineffective? Gee, what a surprise

In one of the most “water is wet” news items I’ve ever read, it turns out that Applied Behavioural Analysis is not only useless for training autistics, it is harmful. Article here. [A]fter 1 year of ABA treatment 76% of … Continue reading

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Autistics Speaking Day – A proposed syllabus for autistics

Happy 10th Autistics’ Speaking Day from South Africa! I’ve been thinking about what a curriculum/syllabus focussed on autistic students would look like. So far, I have a vague outline. First Session of every day: Tai Chi or Martial Arts for … Continue reading

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A polio outbreak, and evidence autism is genetic

The inevitable has happened. Polio has broken out in the Phillipines and an emergency vaccination program has begun to immunise those at risk. Prior to this new outbreak, the Phillipines had been polio free for 19 years. This is so … Continue reading

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An open letter to Matthew Belmonte, Ph.D

Sir, I have just seen your article dated August 26, 2019 on the “Autism Science Foundation” website. It is an exemplar of everything wrong with non-autistics “advocating” for autistics. Not only do you disregard and belittle the input of those you … Continue reading

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Autistic Self Advocates are familiar with De-Voicing. It is the ignoring and/or belittling of input from autistics on autism, or even attempting to silence them altogether. A recent example was mentioned by Orac. Minnesota State Senator Jim Abeler is a … Continue reading

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Stop using “Autistic” as an epithet

I can’t believe I have to say this in 2019. Occasionally over the past few years, when a story about a person or organisation doing something mindblowingly stupid appeared, someone would quote along the lines of “what an autistic thing … Continue reading

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Autistics’ Speaking Day: Learning about autism, learning about myself

I realise this is a few days late, but such is life with a full time job. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve learnt a great deal about autism, and about why I am the way I am. This will be … Continue reading

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