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The Big Lie about Bullying

You’ve probably come across the belief that bullying builds character. I have, and having been severely bullied in school, not just by my classmates but also by some teachers, I can confirm it is a lie. Bullying did not build … Continue reading

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Dear Telemarketers, kindly F%#* Off!

No thank you, I do not wish to change my insurance provider. I’m very happy with my current one. No thank you, I do not wish to take out a new cellphone contract or change my network. No, I don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Blogoversary to me!

Today, I celebrate the eighth anniversary of my blog “African Jungle”. My very first post, “Greetings to one and all”, was posted on the 29th of May 2010. The tagline I chose for my blog was “A blog on Autism, … Continue reading

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Cosby Convicted

Last week, a jury convicted Bill Cosby on three counts of sexual assault. This was after an earlier trial collapsed when the jurors couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict. The charges related to sexual acts Cosby performed on Andrea Constand. Cosby … Continue reading

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I have been Pwned

Last week, Australian cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt revealed that the personal details of millions of South Africans had been leaked. A Database had been hacked and names, email addresses, ID Numbers, credit ratings, income, employment status and related information had … Continue reading

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Oh, the joys of dealing with government bureaucracy

Yes that’s sarcasm. I am sick and tired of the inefficiency and incompetence of government offices. Earlier this year, I got a letter in my postbox from the SABC Licencing Department. For the previous owner. Who moved nine years ago. … Continue reading

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Autistics testing software

It appears that autistics are disproportionately good at software testing. The Israeli military uses autistics as intelligence analysts and software testers. Ultra Testing, a software testing firm based in New York, is actively hiring autistics as testers. SAP has a … Continue reading

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