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Countering the lies of anti-vaxxers.

W.H.O. declares Africa Polio Free Advertisements

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When Cheezburger is mocking you, you’ve lost

Last month and this one, I saw three articles on Cheezburger that attack antivaxxer opinions. 16 Times Anti-Vaxxers Really Stunk the Place up with Ignorance Anti-Vaxxer Gets Eviscerated Trying To Shut Down People Who Are Pro-Vaccine 12 Brainless Bullsh*tters That … Continue reading

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Autism awareness should be by autistics for autistics

April is Autism Awareness Month, World Autism Awareness Week takes place from March 26th to April 2nd, and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day. I learnt of three relevant new Twitter hashtags. #SaidNoAutistic #SaidNoFather #SaidNoMother “Said no Autistic” attacks the … Continue reading

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Rabies has broken out in KZN

There is an outbreak of rabies in KwaZulu-Natal. At least 5 people have died. If you are in that area, please keep safe.

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Two Rabies Cases, two different outcomes

There were two recent events involving children getting infected with rabies. Brazilian Mateus dos Santos da Silva, 14, was one of three children from the same family who contracted the disease in November last year after vampire bats bit them. … Continue reading

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They just don’t know when to give up, do they?

As I mentioned in a previous post, some antivaxxers tried to get October declared “Vaccine Injury Awareness Month” with a huge lack of success. For the last few years, they’ve also declared the first full week in November “Vaccine Awareness … Continue reading

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“Awareness” for an exaggerated event

October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, Craniosynostosis Awareness, Dysautonomia Awareness, National Dyslexia Awareness, Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness and RETT Syndrome Awareness Month, among others. In a vile attempt to mount this bandwagon, antivaxxers have tried to have … Continue reading

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