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I think it’s time to bring back wholecell pertussis vaccines

My 7 year old nephew is going for his booster shots this week, and I’ve been thinking about something related to that. One of the boosters is the triple jab against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. There are two types used: … Continue reading

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Worse than I thought, but not as bad as it could have been

So I completed the Midmar Mile. As I expected, I did not break 30 minutes. To my intense disappointment, I took over 45 minutes. I was unwell and the water was choppy during the race, but I’m frustrated. 11 months … Continue reading

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On Midmar and goals

Tomorrow, I will set off for KwaZulu-Natal with my parents. On Sunday, I will be swimming Event 6 in the Midmar Mile. This will be tempered by a displeasing (for me) fact. My intention was to swim the mile in … Continue reading

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