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Don’t call self-diagnosed autistics liars

Electronic music pioneer Gary Numan (real name Gary Anthony James Webb) has a new album out. During the course of promoting it, he’s been talking about having Asperger’s syndrome, diagnosed in the UK as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). But Camilla … Continue reading

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The crackdown begins

The subheading of the Vox article says it all. Countries like Italy and Australia are tired of measles outbreaks — so they’re moving to fine anti-vaccine parents. The article reports that Australia and several European countries are fed up with … Continue reading

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Autism Speaks is losing revenue

According to a news report, the organisation “Autism Speaks” suffered a big drop in revenue in 2016. This follows on the heels of several resignations of high-ranking staffers, as well as the death of Suzanne Wright. I feel indifferent. For … Continue reading

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Oh, the joys of dealing with government bureaucracy

Yes that’s sarcasm. I am sick and tired of the inefficiency and incompetence of government offices. Earlier this year, I got a letter in my postbox from the SABC Licencing Department. For the previous owner. Who moved nine years ago. … Continue reading

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