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The joys of living in a complex

A few weeks ago, along with the monthly bill for rates, taxes, water etc. I and everyone else in the complex where I live received a letter. The occupants of one of the units had flushed sanitary pads and nappies … Continue reading

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On “refrigerator mothers” and genetics

If you’re an autism parent, you’ve probably heard the “Refrigerator Mother” theory. This is the execrable belief that autism is caused by a cold, uncaring mother. Sadly, the hypothesis persists despite its flaws. Current research is investigating the genetics of … Continue reading

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On rotavirus and Paul Offit

There has been a rotavirus outbreak in Durban. So far, over 1000 children have been infected and 2 have died. There are several different vaccinations against rotavirus. Rotarix is the one used in South Africa. Another one, RotaTeq, was co-created … Continue reading

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Things are getting better

I realise I’ve been neglecting my blog. Apologies, dear readers. In my defence, I’ve been very busy. A few weeks ago, the washing machine that came with my flat decided to die. I came home to find my power tripped … Continue reading

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