Things are getting better

I realise I’ve been neglecting my blog. Apologies, dear readers. In my defence, I’ve been very busy.
A few weeks ago, the washing machine that came with my flat decided to die. I came home to find my power tripped and the washing machine only partway through its cycle. So I had to buy a new one.
Two weeks of searching later, I’d settled on my choice: an LG from Makro. That’s when I was told that there was a special on at Makro for that week only. It was the washing machine I’d chosen, but with the price dropped by several hundred Rand. Sweet.
After the machine had been delivered, it was time to hook it up. And that’s when I discovered just how badly laid out my kitchen was.
The inlet pipe for my washing machine is squeezed into a nook next to the cupboards under my sinks. To hook up my new machine to the electric socket and the inlet and outlet pipes was a mission, but I did it. And then, to turn on the tap and wash the first load in my brand new washer.
Or maybe not.
As soon as I turned on the tap, I heard a sound that nobody in that position wants to hear: namely, the sound of spraying water. I immediately turned the tap off and checked. Water was spraying from the inlet pipe all over the place. And that’s when the fun (for a loose definition of ‘fun’) started.
Firstly, I had to work the washing machine out from its tight little nook. Note: I have a tiny kitchen so moving the machine made things very awkward. Then I had to disconnect everything. Finally, I had to climb into the cramped space to look at the pipe. It was rusted and bad-fitting. My parents suggested using plumber’s tape or vaseline to fix the seal and let me borrow a monkey wrench.
Round 2. I put vaseline on the thread and put the pipe back. To test things, I then ran a rinse cycle on my empty machine. No leaks, so I decided it was safe to run a full load.
It wasn’t. The leak came back.
My parents, who must be candidates for the position of most patient individuals on the planet, let me once again borrow their monkey wrench and some plumber’s tape. Moving the washing machine out once again, I went Back into the cramped nook, determined once and for all to stop that wretched leak. Wrap, wrap, wrap with the tape, then tighten, tighten, tighten with the monkey wrench. I turned on the water. No leak sounds. So I loaded up the machine with my laundry, put in the soap and fabric softener, and switched it on.
Success! No leaks, and I have clean laundry.
Another good thing happened. I was a tester for a new product offered by our client: a short term loan offered through ATMs. To test the product, we were given actual bank cards with accounts and used them to take out loans. Yesterday was the go live and the project looks to be a success.
Testing on ATMs raises distinctive problems for the Test Team. You can’t just hook up a program to take screen grabs on an ATM. Well, you could, but that poses a whole bunch of risks. What we did was when we got an ATM slip, we scanned it in and logged it as part of our test results. We also had access to look at records stored in the back end.
My next project will be a rollout of Windows 7. I like Windows 7. In fact, I’m writing this on my laptop’s Windows 7 partition.

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