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It’s been funny, lately

It’s been a funny two weeks in my life. At this moment, I’m normally at work reading documents, extracting requirements, writing or running test cases or logging or retesting defects. Instead, I’m enjoying a two day break. The reason I’m … Continue reading

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An open letter from a pro vaxxer to an antivaxxer

The following letter was written by Megan Cran. An open letter from a pro vaxxer to an antivaxxer “Dear Anti-vaxxer, you’ve asked on other threads whether or not us pro-vaxxers would be able to empathize and see things from your … Continue reading

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An unhappy story with a happy ending

Earlier this week, I was going to post a rant. A family which planned to immigrate to Australia from England was refused permission because the daughter is autistic. It was a good thing I didn’t have time. The original decision … Continue reading

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Graeme Anderson has died

South African canoeist Graeme Anderson has died. Last month, he rescued a stray hunting dog that was rabid and picked up the illness through an open graze. On Friday, his family was told there was no brain activity, and took … Continue reading

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Dear Reader, a request of you

Last week I wrote about a horrific form of autism quackery. Namely, the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). This is simply sodium dichlorite mixed in water and administered as a tonic or enema to “cure” autism. Now a petition has been … Continue reading

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