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Thoughts on the death of a musical Prince

Earlier this week, Prince Rogers Nelson, the most prolific songwriter of modern times, died at his home aged 57. Despite the fact that an autopsy is still to be performed, some of the more ghoulish antivaxxers are claiming that he … Continue reading

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The lessons from eNATIS were not learnt

Nine years ago, an electronic system for license renewals was rolled out in South Africa. It was called eNATIS, and the rollout was a mess. After a lot of money and time was wasted fixing things, it was eventually a … Continue reading

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Well this is interesting

So this story appeared on my Facebook Feed. Forget the proverb ‘opposites attract:’ A massive Swedish study suggests that men and women who have a psychiatric condition such as autism, schizophrenia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to pair up … Continue reading

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On Autism Awareness Month and Vaxxed

Yesterday was Autism Awareness Day. I did not “light it up blue”. Instead, I had what for me was a typical Saturday. I did my laundry and went shopping for groceries. Life doesn’t stop just because there’s an advocacy/awareness day. … Continue reading

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