A really bad day for my parents’ neighbours

This is the hardest post I have had to write yet.
Today I was expected for dinner at my parents'. In the afternoon I received an SMS from my mother. The neighbours' son had parked his car at my parents', so please park carefully. When I arrived, I parked so that he could get out.
As soon as I was in the door, my mother told me some distressing news: Sarah, the neighbours' daughter, had passed away.
According to my mother, Sarah liked to have a lie in as it is currently the school holidays. Today, her mother became worried as Sarah had not got up when she usually had, and went into her room only to find Sarah having a fit of some sort. An ambulance was called and Sarah was taken to hospital, where she died.
A few weeks ago, Sarah turned 18. Now, her parents and brother are planning her funeral.
Sarah had numerous health problems: she was diabetic and had a dicky thyroid. Yet this is a shock to everyone, myself included. I've sent my condolences to her family. When she was younger, the family would sometimes come over. Sarah enjoyed swimming. She also had a lovely smile.
RIP Sarah.

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