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The Press is most unhappy with the ANC

Three articles fiercely critical of the ANC and pointing out its failures and problems appeared on the news today. One in the Daily Maverick, two on News24. Go and read them. In the Daily Maverick, Ismail Lagardien’s article The ANC … Continue reading

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The longer you refuse to face a painful truth…

It is disturbing just how willing people are to deny a painful reality. Especially politicians. Pravin Gordhan, South African Minister of Public Enterprises is trying to stop SAA’s Business Rescue Practitioners Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana from proceeding with its … Continue reading

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On the culture of the ANC

This was intended as a letter to the Press. Due to problems on a website, I was unable to submit it. I submit it here for your consideration. I intended to respond to comments made by South African President Cyril … Continue reading

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Voting Day

Today was the sixth democratic National Election in South Africa. I set off early to vote and was done before quarter to nine. I had originally planned to walk down to my Voting Station, but when I woke up, it … Continue reading

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Mbeki gave us Zuma

At just before 11 PM on the 14th February, Jacob Zuma announced his resignation as President of South Africa, bringing to an end the most rotten and corrupt Presidency in South African History. The move was typical Zuma. Just like … Continue reading

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The Culpability of the Complicit

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled against an appeal by Zuma and the NPA of a ruling by the High Court that overturned the 2009 decision of then National Director of Public Prosecutions Moketedi Mpshe to drop 783 charges … Continue reading

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Corruption Fatigue

It’s just too much now. Over the past few years, story after story about corruption and state capture has broken, and nothing has been done to fix matters. I’ve even blogged about it a few times. And that was before … Continue reading

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Cadre Deployment must go

I’m on leave. I don’t usually talk about politics, but since this is my blog, I’ll write what I want to. We’ve had load shedding. A lovely euphemism that means that power had to be cut to areas in rotation … Continue reading

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Black Tuesday and the Secrecy Bill

I realise this is not something I generally blog about, but this is my blog and I’ll post what I like on it. Yesterday the 22 November 2011, which has been nicknamed “Black Tuesday”, the South African Parliament voted to … Continue reading

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