Voting Day

Today was the sixth democratic National Election in South Africa. I set off early to vote and was done before quarter to nine.
I had originally planned to walk down to my Voting Station, but when I woke up, it was overcast and rain was threatening. So I took my car and an umbrella, in case it rained when I was in the queue. Once there, I went to the back and slowly made my way forward.
The queue moved forward slowly but steadily. Pensioners and people with young children were allowed to skip to the head and vote. Near the entrance was a table of people selling coffee. I bought a cup. I saw an Electoral Observer from only one political party.
As I approached the voting station, I felt apprehensive. For obvious reasons, weapons are prohibited inside voting stations, and I was carrying my folding umbrella. From a distance, it looked like I was carrying a truncheon with a lanyard. I was worried that I might have to go back to my car and put it away, losing my place in the queue, but I wasn’t challenged at any point.
I lost my old ID in 2017, so I’d had to get an ID Card. My old ID had been issued over 20 years prior, so I no longer looked like it. Once in the doorway, my ID was scanned and a ticket for me printed.
The process was quick. The Electoral Official looked at the ticket I’d been printed, crossed my name off, and told me to proceed. My left thumb was marked, then I went to the next table to be issued with two stamped ballots, one each for National and Provincial Government.
I marked my choice, then walked to the boxes. Another official confirmed that both my ballot papers had been stamped, then I placed them in the relevant boxes and left. All in all, a pleasant experience.
Wimpy was running a special today: if you had voted, you would get a free small coffee. The top of the coffee was sprinkled with chocolate in the shape of an X. After casting my ballot, I drove up to the closest Wimpy and got my free coffee. Thanks Wimpy! Although I’m guessing they are getting plenty of free advertising. I couldn’t help but wonder if people would try to abuse that by getting more than one Wimpy coffee.
One thing I won’t miss is being SMSed and phoned to vote. Special mention must go to the ANC for SMSing me at half past eleven last night. Yes, you read that correctly.
Thank goodness THAT’s over.

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