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Dear Reader, a request of you

Last week I wrote about a horrific form of autism quackery. Namely, the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). This is simply sodium dichlorite mixed in water and administered as a tonic or enema to “cure” autism. Now a petition has been … Continue reading

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Sodium Chlorite to treat Autism – WTF?!?!

That headline is not a joke, and I really wish it was. Some nutcases are actually dosing autistic children with Sodium Chlorite in an attempt to turn them neurotypical. I got the story from Orac’s blog. Someone at the Autism … Continue reading

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Another bit of quackery bites the dust (hopefully)

Hat tip to Sullivan over at Left Brain Right Brain for mentioning this study. The idea that autism could be caused by mercury poisoning is an offshoot of the “MMR causes Autism” lie propagated by Andrew Wakefield. Thimerosal, also called … Continue reading

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