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Measles, measles everywhere

Several Measles outbreaks are currently underway. In Romania, a major outbreak there has already killed over 20 people. The number of cases is heading to 5,000. In Italy, over 1,600 cases of Measles┬áhave been reported since the start of the … Continue reading

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Italy agrees – the MMR Vaccine does not cause autism

Some two and a half years ago, one of the most egregious verdicts in history was returned by a lower court in Rimini, Italy. The court ruled that the MMR vaccine caused autism. I wrote about it then. To reach … Continue reading

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On Court Cases and a successful vaccine programme

This week was a good week. In 2009, South Africa introduced vaccination against pneumococcal diseases. Here are the money quotes: “The vaccine has been so successful it has reduced cases of pneumococcal disease in adults who were not immunised, due … Continue reading

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You used Wakefield’s study to prove the MMR causes Autism?!

A few weeks ago, a court in Italy ruled that vaccines cause autism and used Andrew Wakefield’s retracted and fraudulent study in its verdict. When I first heard about this story, I dismissed it as antivaccination propaganda or wishful thinking. … Continue reading

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