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Measles, measles everywhere

Several Measles outbreaks are currently underway. In Romania, a major outbreak there has already killed over 20 people. The number of cases is heading to 5,000. In Italy, over 1,600 cases of Measles┬áhave been reported since the start of the … Continue reading

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Not a good week

This past week was a bad week for both vaccines and autistics. Polio has once again broken out in Pakistan. We were so close. A few more years, and polio would have gone the way of smallpox and rinderpest. Remember … Continue reading

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New in South Africa: anti-vaccination hogwash

Here we go again. One of the few good things about South Africa’s years of isolation during apartheid was that stupid ideas like anti-vaccination weren’t imported. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The Mail and Guardian had this … Continue reading

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