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On due diligence and consequences

One of the websites I frequently browse is FMyLife It’s the english version of the french website “Vie de Merde¬†(literally “Life of Shit”). It has people sharing stories of things going horribly wrong for them, typically in hilarious ways but … Continue reading

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More deaths from “harmless childhood” diseases

Another baby has fallen victim to whooping cough. Riley Hughes¬†wasn’t even five weeks old. He wasn’t the only one. According to the article linked above. There have been three whooping cough deaths in babies in NSW since 2009, including a … Continue reading

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A film, three deaths, and the consequences of Wakefield’s lies

I mentioned that I was planning on seeing “The Sessions”, the story of how poet and polio survivor Mark O’Brien lost his virginity with the help of sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Greene. Well, I did, and I would urge everyone to … Continue reading

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And pertussis kills another baby

I was going to blog about my experience renewing my car’s license disk today, and about the shocking incompetence of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, but now I’ll do that later. Or maybe I would have blogged about the South African … Continue reading

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Graeme Anderson has died

South African canoeist Graeme Anderson has died. Last month, he rescued a stray hunting dog that was rabid and picked up the illness through an open graze. On Friday, his family was told there was no brain activity, and took … Continue reading

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