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More antivaxxers getting slapped down

https://cheezburger.com/6822917/20-memes-that-hilariously-argue-with-anti-vaxxer-logic Children of Anti-Vaxxers who grew up and got yourselves vaccinated, what’s your story? How did your parents take it? [Serious] from AskReddit https://cheezburger.com/7017477/ben-franklin-slammed-anti-vaxxers-with-savage-comeback-over-230-years-ago

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When Cheezburger is mocking you, you’ve lost

Last month and this one, I saw three articles on Cheezburger that attack antivaxxer opinions. 16 Times Anti-Vaxxers Really Stunk the Place up with Ignorance Anti-Vaxxer Gets Eviscerated Trying To Shut Down People Who Are Pro-Vaccine 12 Brainless Bullsh*tters That … Continue reading

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