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Harmful childhood diseases

The inevitable has happened. In California, an infant has died of pertussis, the first such death since 2016. In France, the third measles death of 2018 has occurred. From the above report: As of July 08, 2018, 2646 cases reported … Continue reading

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On Climate Change and Science Denialism

Last week, three major climate-related events occurred. South Africa’s interior suffered under a heatwave. Australia was struck by a heatwave so intense that flying foxes fell out of trees dead as the heat had literally cooked their brains. In addition, … Continue reading

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Follow up

This will be a follow up to two of my earlier posts. The woman whose skeleton was found was named Iola Glenda Cynthia Ditcham. I’ve found out a few things about her. Enough to put together a rough timeline. In … Continue reading

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From bad to even worse for anti-vaxxers

It’s been another horrible week for antivaxxers. A study, Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children With Older Siblings With and Without Autism,¬†was published. The researchers used data in the Optum Research Database. This database contains anonymised data … Continue reading

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