Significant Anniversaries

Three significant anniversaries occurred in the first full week of May. A fourth occurred on the 21st – the fortieth anniversary of the theatrical release of “The Empire Strikes Back”, widely regarded as the best of the Star Wars film.
Fifty years ago this month, the Beatles released “Let it be”. Paul McCartney had a dream where his mother Mary came to him and said to him “let it be”. She is the “mother Mary” who “comes to me” in the opening lines. It is my favourite Beatles song.
On May 8th, the 75th anniversary of VE Day was celebrated. VE (Victory in Europe) Day was not the end of the War, but the ending of hostilities in Europe was a significant matter.
The third anniversary celebrated was by far the most significant. On the 8th of May 1980, smallpox was declared extinct in the wild. The last case of smallpox had happened in England in 1978. Victim Janet Parker died on 11 September 1978. A disease which had killed hundreds of millions was gone for good. Smallpox and rinderpest are the only two diseases confirmed eradicated so far. Both were eliminated by vaccination.

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