Lockdown – Bad News from South Africa

The hard lockdown will be ending in the next few days. Since it started, several things have happened.
First, and on a sad note, Gambit the dolphin passed away at uShaka Marine World. He was 48, and widely believed to be the largest bottlenose dolphin in captivity.
I saw Gambit a few years ago when I went to Durban on vacation. I also saw him decades ago when he still lived at the Durban Aquarium. I was in primary school at the time. Good times.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Business Rescue Practitioners for SA Express applied to liquidate it. Recently, a consortium approached them to purchase SA Express. This must have fallen through because today the Practitioners applied to the Court for a Provisional Liquidation. It looks like it’s the end for the company.
The Land Bank has defaulted on a payment. What will happen next, I don’t know. Will it be forced to go into Business Rescue? Declare Bankruptcy?
Last of all is the absurdity and denial of reality around South African Airways. The two Business Rescue Practitioners began the process of liquidating SAA after their request for more money was refused. Both the unions and Pravin Gordhan have rejected this. The rejection is as delusional as Geocentrism.
It is understandable that Gordhan and the unions want SAA to continue, but at this point, it’s not happening.
Even before the COVID-19 Lockdown, SAA was in dire straits. Decades of Cadre Deployment and the corruption of the Zuma years had hollowed it out. Its staff complement was too big and the management hostage to vested political interests and incompetent. There was a good possibility that it would have failed anyway even had the outbreak not occurred. Now, with the outbreak, several airlines including Ethiopian Airways are in danger of going under. Many of them were in a stronger position than SAA going in to this. The unions and Gordhan need to accept that SAA can’t continue. It is very sad that SAA, founded in 1934 and one of the oldest existent airlines in the World, will cease, but under the circumstances it is flying in the face of reality to imagine SAA can be saved.

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