A polio outbreak, and evidence autism is genetic

The inevitable has happened.
Polio has broken out in the Phillipines and an emergency vaccination program has begun to immunise those at risk.
Prior to this new outbreak, the Phillipines had been polio free for 19 years.
This is so frustrating, and a major setback to the disease’s permanent eradication.

SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge) is a research project looking at the genetic basis of autism. They are asking for 50,000 volunteer families, with autistic members, to gather genetic material to find the genes responsible for autism. So far they have just under 20,000 families.

SPARK recently published the genetic analysis of the first 457 volunteer families. The results can be found here.

From the abstract:

We identified variants in genes and loci that are clinically recognized causes or significant contributors to ASD in 10.4% of families without previous genetic findings. In addition, we identified variants that are possibly associated with ASD in an additional 3.4% of families.


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