An inconvenience

I’m typing this mostly one handed.
On Saturday, I found a pustule with a whitehead on my left thumb. Using a pin, I lifted it, then drained it. Afterwards, I put some antiseptic cream on and a plaster, and left it.
By yesterday afternoon, my left thumb had really started to hurt and the inflamed skin had increased. I went round to my parents where my mother mixed up green soap and sugar to make a poultice that draws gunk out, then dressed the area.
This afternoon, the pain became unbearable. Any moving my thumb was intolerable and the inflamed area was larger still, so I went to my local Medicross.
The Doctor assessed it, then sent me to the nurses’ station. First I was given a TDaP. Then my thumb was cleaned, then a powerful antibiotic was applied and it was dressed. I was also prescribed oral antibiotics and painkillers. The dressing is to be changed on Wednesday, and if necessary I am to go in for a follow up examination on Thursday. Finally, I am to keep my thumb elevated to reduce bloodflow as that can aggravate bruising. Hence why I’m typing this mostly one handed.
The medical staff suspect that a spider bite is what caused the inflammation. A bit frustrating, as I generally let spiders have free roam and don’t hurt them.

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