Childhood memories of getting vaccinated

It’s funny what you come across sometimes.
Recently, I came across my old immunisation card. Red in colour and written in Afrikaans and English, it contained details of vaccinations I received as a child. Funnily enough, I remember attending a clinic where I got two of the vaccinations recorded. It was right before my first day of primary school.
The first vaccination I got at the clinic was BCG for Tuberculosis. The nurse used a stamp with six pins to puncture my skin, then placed the fluid on my skin. I still have faint scars on the bottom of my right shoulder from where I was stamped. She then injected IPV into my left shoulder intramuscularly. I remember saying “ow!” because it actually hurt.
I had to leave my right arm parallel to the floor for a few hoursĀ so that the BCG could be absorbed.
All in all, not something I’d care to repeat, but I never got Tuberculosis or Polio, so all good I guess.

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