Responding to antivaxx swarmings

Parents who have lost their children to vaccine preventable diseases are often among the most effective advocates for vaccination. As a result, they are often targeted by rabid antivaxxers in an attempt to silence them. From the attacks on David and Toni McCaffery by the then Australian Vaccination Network President Meryl Dorey through to the attacks mentioned in this CNN Article, the noxiousness, libel and vitriol they suffer on top of having lost children is hateful and despicable. Using Facebook and other social media, antivaxxers launch coordinated swarmings of vaccine advocates’ posts.
Now, provaxxers are fighting back. A new site “Shots Heard round the World” will be going live soon. It will coordinate responses to the aforementioned antivaxx targeting of vaccine advocates. I will post an update as soon as I learn the site has gone live.

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