Gardasil used to treat skin cancer

So this was on Health24 last week.

HPV shot eliminates advanced skin cancer in 97-year-old

A doctor treated a woman with advanced squamous cell carcinoma by injecting each tumour with Gardasil, the HPV Vaccine. The unconventional method was a huge success. All of the tumours completely and rapidly disappeared.
Although Gardasil is known to prevent HPV-caused cancers, there was very little research on whether it could help with existing tumours. According to the article:

Nichols’ own research, involving two prior patients, had suggested the vaccine might curb skin cancer growth. So, in the new case, her team decided to try Gardasil as an “off-label” therapy – a use not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

This raises a lot of questions: Was the carcinoma caused by HPV? If not, why did the treatment work? Can other cancers be treated with this method?
Some antivaxxers claim that vaccines cause cancer. This refutes that laughable conjecture.


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