Harmful childhood diseases

The inevitable has happened.
In California, an infant has died of pertussis, the first such death since 2016.
In France, the third measles death of 2018 has occurred.
From the above report:

As of July 08, 2018, 2646 cases reported since November 6, 2017 from 85 departments. 22% of reported cases were hospitalized.

And crucially:

89% of measles cases occurred in [the] unimmunized or underimmunized.

In Brazil, measles has killed dozens of members of an isolated tribe.
Several things need to be said.
Firstly, the diseases we vaccinate against are NOT harmless. Even in First World countries with the best medical care available, they can still disable and even kill.
Secondly, as the French outbreak shows, vaccines are exceptionally effective at stopping these diseases. Most people are vaccinated fully and on time, yet the overwhelming majority of the afflicted were unvaccinated.
Finally, I believe part of the problem is that vaccines have been the victims of their success. The reason these deaths were newsworthy is that they were very rare. And the reason they are rare is because of vaccines. The only childhood disease I ever had was chickenpox, which wasn’t yet on the schedule. I never had measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tuberculosis or polio, and I can’t remember anyone I went to school with having them either.
When my mother was a child, these diseases were not considered harmless. They were considered an inevitable part of growing up. Vaccines changed that. A fellow student of my mother’s was a polio victim. My driving instructor was deaf in one ear from measles. I and everyone I know from school was spared these things, thanks to vaccines.


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