Cosby Convicted

Last week, a jury convicted Bill Cosby on three counts of sexual assault. This was after an earlier trial collapsed when the jurors couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict.
The charges related to sexual acts Cosby performed on Andrea Constand. Cosby administered her pills to sedate her, then fingered her. Constand claimed that it was nonconsensual, Cosby disputed that.
Around sixty women have now accused Cosby of sexual misconduct. As with Harvey Weinstein, once one accuser stepped forward the other victims were emboldened and spoke out. Five other women testified against Cosby at trial.
During the Discovery Process, Cosby was forced to admit to procuring quaaludes to give to women. To me, this was the smoking gun. If the sex was consensual, why did he need a known date rape drug?
Cosby’s defence team attempted to portray Constand as a blackmailer accusing Cosby for money. All this did was show the weakness of his case. If the accusations were fabricated, surely they would be easy to refute? It also failed to explain the other witnesses’ accounts. When one side resorts to ad hominem, it’s a firm sign they don’t have a valid argument.
From what I’ve been reading, a great many people in the black community are furious with Cosby. He was a role model and an inspiration to many black males, and now he’s been exposed as a rapist and a hypocrite. Like Jimmy Savile, he carefully cultivated an image that allowed him to sexually prey on vulnerable people. But while Savile died before he could be brought to account, Cosby will now have to bear the consequences of his actions.

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