When Cheezburger is mocking you, you’ve lost

Last month and this one, I saw three articles on Cheezburger that attack antivaxxer opinions.

16 Times Anti-Vaxxers Really Stunk the Place up with Ignorance

Anti-Vaxxer Gets Eviscerated Trying To Shut Down People Who Are Pro-Vaccine

12 Brainless Bullsh*tters That Got Called Out For Their Lies Items 9 to 13.

This is great. If even Cheezburger is mocking the antivaccine, they’ve lost.

It also highlights the change in the Public’s perception of the antivaccine. The outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases have got people to realise that such viewpoints are not merely silly, but actually dangerous. Once, people with stories of vaccine injured children would get a free pass. Now, their claims are questioned and challenged.


And some more.

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11 People Who Are Relieved Their Ex Is An Ex No. 11.

Mouth Breather Gets Shut Down By The Logic Of Science Over Idiotic Status

26 People Raised By Anti-Vaxxer Parents Share Their Stories

13 Times Anti-Vaxxers Infected Social Media with Pure Insanity


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