Dear Liquid Telecom – An open letter from an unhappy customer

You and your predecessor Neotel are the most unreliable, inconsistent internet service “provider” I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. Regularly, I get a “No Internet” message while connected to your “broadband” at my home. Even more frustrating, it consistently happens in the evening. But it has happened at other times of the day.
Another inconsistency is with your network speeds. All too often, I check the throughput rate in my Task Manager, only to find that it is not even 15 KB/s when a Page is loading.
My employer gives its employees permission to work from home two days a week. Your erratic performance has jeopardised this for me. Yesterday, I was hard at work when all of a sudden the dreaded yellow triangle signalling a loss of internet displayed. I disconnected and reconnected. The yellow triangle still showed. Frantically, I activated my backup device – a Mobile WiFi from a different provider – and was able to continue.
All the times I’ve used my mobile WiFi device, not once has it failed to provide the internet. Nor has it given ludicrously inadequate throughput. Ditto for my cellphone network (a different provider from the WiFi Device). I have relatives who use another ISP for their home internet. Whenever I connect to it, no dropped signal, and high data rates. In other words, out of four internet service providers I use, you come fourth.
You really need to jack up your act, Liquid Telecom. You are very much like the little girl with the little curl in the Nursery Rhyme. When you’re good, you’re very very good. But when you’re bad, you’re terrible.


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