Adventures in new car buying

I have a new car.
Last month, I was driving to attend a SIGiST Meeting when I was in an accident. I can’t go into any more detail as the matter is not yet finalised.
Weirdly, I’d left work earlier than usual, went shopping, and missed a turn. If any one of those three things had been different, I’d never have had the accident.
The damage was very minor and my Polo was still driveable, but it was eight years old and had over 105,000km on the Odometer, so my insurer decided to scrap it and pay me out. It had been an absolute lemon, so I consented.
So began the process to purchase a new vehicle. It needed to be a sedan (I drive around with a laptop occasionally), fuel efficient and reliable (unlike my Polo which cost me dearly in repairs). In the end, I settled for a Toyota Etios.
I had to retain my Polo until the Etios could be delivered. I also had to dip into my savings to put down a deposit.
Eventually, the car was delivered and the financing organised. After that, an acquaintance and I drove down to the designated scrapyard and dropped off the Polo. My insurer paid me out a few days later. Yesterday, my numberplates and license disc were issued and mounted.
A few months ago, I got broadband at my flat, so I’m able to get permission to work from home. This was a great help. Without this, sorting out a new car would have taken even longer. As it was, it still took me over a month.
The Etios differs from the Polo in several respects. The engine is larger, so I have to be gentler on the accelerator. More than once, I’ve used the same pressure as I used on the Polo, only to look at the speedo and have to decelerate as I was going too fast. It also has a lot less space to put things than the Polo.
I suppose that once I get used to it, I’ll find it fun to drive.

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