Religious exemptions and a Measles outbreak in Gauteng

There has been an outbreak of Measles in Gauteng.
According to the front page of The Saturday Star dated April 6, the outbreak is centred around a family that refused vaccination for “religious reasons”.
Refusing vaccination for “religious reasons” is utter hogwash. Judaism has no proscriptions on vaccination as far as I could find, Islam has actual fatwas supporting vaccination, and the mainline Christian denominations all agree that vaccination is beneficial.
In the US, the problem of outbreaks due to people refusing to be vaccinated has led to several states banning all but medical exemptions. There is currently a measles outbreak underway in Minnesota.
According to the JustAnswer website:

The only requirement that is currently mandatory in South Africa is proof of immunisation against yellow fever for any person that enters the country from a country that is deemed by the WHO as a country where yellow fever transmission is present.
Compulsory vaccination can also be enforced where there is a threat to public health.
It should not be seen as child abuse and is in discretion of the parent.

In other words, in South Africa vaccination is voluntary, except in certain situations.
The Bill of Rights bans discrimination against religion. It is disappointing that some hide behind this to refuse vaccination.

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