Measles, measles everywhere

Several Measles outbreaks are currently underway.
In Romania, a major outbreak there has already killed over 20 people. The number of cases is heading to 5,000.
In Italy, over 1,600 cases of Measles have been reported since the start of the year, higher than the total number of cases seen during all of 2016. Some blame has been placed on the antivaccine Five Star Movement. Also, a nurse was caught faking giving children vaccines.
In Minnesota, the Somali community has suffered an outbreak. Fears over the discredited link between vaccines and autism led to a fall in vaccination rates to 42%, which has now culminated in the current situation.
In Portugal, a 17 year old has died.
Measles is one of the most infectious diseases around. The Community immunity threshold is 95%. This means that in order for the disease to not spread, 95% of a community must be up to date with their MMR/MMRV vaccinations. The ongoing outbreaks are the inevitable result of the fearmongering and lies spread by antivaccination groups and individuals, and the loss of Community immunity.


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