A possible explanation for “Refrigerator Mothers”

And I’m back.
Yes, I know that I said I was done, but after several people who are close to me expressed their worries, I decided to hold off dropping blogging. And then this article appeared in my Facebook feed.

A “hidden pool” of women who have grown up with undiagnosed autism is coming to light as mothers researching their children’s spectrum disorders recognise themselves in their findings.

“There are far more undiagnosed mothers out there than we have ever thought,” said Dr Judith Gould, lead consultant and former director of the Lorna Wing Centre for Autism who developed the first and only female-specific diagnostic tests, and who trains doctors in how to recognise late adult female diagnosis.

When autism became known, one of the things that was blamed for causing it was the “refrigerator mother”. The belief was that emotionally distant mothers caused their children to become autistic.
I’ve long wondered if the reason behind this mistaken belief was because in several cases the mothers were themselves autistic and thus a little socially inept. I suspect this would appear to a psychologist or psychiatrist as coldness. This article seems to support my hypothesis.


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